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oh, crepe!

overzealous much?

Sgt. Pepper
24 May
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+ yours truly
A nerd, incognito. A Gemini. An Asian. An old soul. Oh, a closet fashion enthusiast.

"We do not change as we grow older; we just become more clearly ourselves."
- Anon

+ interests
Laughs and scrunched nose.
Bookshops and IKEA are my sanctuaries.
Old movies and quirky films are fantastic, and then some.
Love TV. Too many favs; thou shall ask & thy shall answer. As far as reality TV goes, only Project Runway, Top Chef and ANTM.
As for JDramas, the fav list is endless and I never fail to watch anything by KudoKan.
Love love love whodunits.
Photography is another passion; raw photos are ♥.
People-watching + train rides = a source of amusement.
Find pleasure in soundtrack-hunting.
Bands of love are Coldplay, Sheila on 7, The Strokes, The Beatles, Radiohead, Bloc Party, Travis, Snow Patrol, Maliq & D'essentials.
Corinne Bailey Rae, Imogen Heap, Rachael Yamagata, Sade, Amy Winehouse, Feist, Mutya Buena, Alex Chu, Sondre Lerche, James Morrison, John Legend.
Some old stuff, R&B, British rock, alternative, indie, jazz, acid jazz, lounge(?) music.

Johnny's Talent(s):
Hey! Say! JUMP
Sexy Zone
(Not so much on T&T and KinKi; slowly discovering the adorable Juniors ♥).

Other J-artistes:
EXILE, Ikimono Gakari, Oda Kazumasa. Most J-pop songs are pleasant to my ears so my preferences are quite scattered.

CLAZZIQUAI, Hot Potato, 2AM, 2PM. Pretty much a JYP stan.
Avid viewer of Win Win, Happy Together and 1박2일.
Adore Shining Inheritance to death.
Still apprehensive of most KDramas.

Kudos to those who actually read every bit of this. Really.

+ credits
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